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Modern software for climate tech

We provide personalized, end-to-end software solutions and on-demand consulting to power the next generation of climate tech
What We Do
We do software strategy, implementation, data foundations, and team-building for companies making a difference on climate change
Software Strategy
You have a vision for your business. Now you need the software to bring it to life. We'll help you define your software needs and create a roadmap for long-term impact.
Full-stack Implementation
Focus on what your business does best; let us handle the programming. We'll build your first prototype, tackle that side project, and create a scalable codebase for future development.
Data Foundations
Your data is a competitive advantage, but only if you know how to put it to work. We'll architect data pipelines to collect and process your data and use it to accelerate your growth.
Team Building
Turn your in-house software team into an engine for growth, or keep it lean with on-demand resources. We'll help you build a recruitment pipeline, develop a strategy-driven culture, and position your team for success.
Jaime and Jason
About Us
We are Jason and Jaime Curtis, a husband and wife team. We've built on our combined 20+ years of experience in software and climate solutions to launch Option Zero, the software consultancy for climate companies & initiatives.
If your mission is climate resilience, your mission is our mission.
our clients say
"We hired Option Zero to clean up our python data pipeline. They delivered exactly what I wanted - the codebase is less terrifying now! They required minimal oversight, operated as an independent unit, and communicated their work clearly and concisely."
Nick Reavill
Nick Reavill
CTO, Commons
"Jaime and Jason are a stellar team. They were instrumental in building and running our highly collaborative team and kept us laser-focused on our top strategic priorities. If you want a team to help you figure out where you need to go and get you there fast, you want Jaime and Jason."
James Regulinski
James Regulinski
CTO, Carbon Collective
"Jason is...perhaps the strongest developer I have worked with."
Tom Abeles
Tom Abeles
CEO, Uprope
"Option Zero didn’t just fulfill our immediate software needs; they equipped us to thrive independently. I highly recommend them to anyone in the climate space looking for a reliable, mission aligned, and adaptable technical partner. Their contribution was a key factor in our success, and I’m so glad we found them."
Shannon Bloemker
Shannon Bloemker
CEO, Energy Raven
"Jaime and Jason are astute, efficient, thorough, and incredibly gracious. They jumped into our complex data challenges but did not make them complicated, rather they helped us create a road map for future development that give us as founders confidence that we can navigate the growth and further development of our platform."
Sam & ClaireSam & Claire
Sam & Claire
Co-Founders, Carbon Yield

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